building and repairing wooden boats using both traditional and modern techniques


Barges, bowsprits and more....

This is a selection of projects and commissions undertaken by cameron boat builders:

3 pairs of windows with arched tops were built for the Dutch Luxemotor barge ‘Mausi’ that the owner is converting to a ‘liveaboard’. The windows comprise of three parts, all constructed in mahogany : The frames, which are fitted to the inside of the steel cabin sides, house the hinged casements containing standard 28mm double glazing units. Storm seals are fitted in the frames to keep the elements at bay. Finally decorative frames are fitted to the outside of the cabin sides to cover and seal the edge of the steel window reveal.

A new bowsprit was made for ‘Ortolan’, a 1930’s Broads cruiser. One end of this 8 foot spar fits into a housing in the bitt while the other is fitted with a very nice bronze cranse iron for attaching the bob stay, shrouds and forestay.

This plywood Solo dinghy was refurbished and given a new lease of life as a economical yet competitive club racer. The transom, which had rotted around the drain plugs, was replaced with sapele faced marine ply. Glass tape fixed with polyester resin to seal and strengthen side tank /sole seams had delaminated allowing water to leak into the buoyancy tanks. This tape was removed and new tape applied with epoxy resin that will  bond to the wood properly and seal the joint. The leading and trailing edges of the foils were repaired then reprofiled. New Mylar strips fitted to the centreboard slot. Finally the whole boat was painted and varnished.

If your boat needs some work, whether it be fettling a dinghy for next season, repairing internal fittings or making a new cabinet for some new electronics please call to discuss.