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New Builds

Francois Vivier 'Ilur' on the stocks:

At present I am building a strip-planked version of ‘Ilur’ designed by Francois Vivier.

I wanted a proven, seaworthy design that sails well and is easy to trailer and launch. A boat that can be enjoyed whether it be for family outings, ‘sail & oar’ cruising, or catching a fish or two for supper. Based on the lines of traditional Breton inshore fishing boats, Ilur is just that. I also wanted a boat that would have the visual appeal of a traditionally built wooden boat but only demand minimal maintenance. Consequently I chose to build using wood / epoxy composite techniques that result in a hull that is totally encapsulated in epoxy resin and protected from the elements.

The hull is constructed from Alaskan Yellow Cedar strip planking on a backbone and frames laminated from kiln-dried European Oak. The sheer strake, transom, seats, rudder and centreboard are all mahogany, their colour contrasting beautifully with the cedar planking. The hull has been constructed and sheathed using West System® epoxy resin throughout. The topsides are to be clear finished with 2-part urethane varnish. Buoyancy tanks are built in under the seats and in the bow to meet CE requirements. Floor boards are fitted, with space underneath for stowing oars.

The Ilur design allows three rig options: Balanced lug, standing lug or lug sloop. This one is the sloop with a bowsprit and jib to give good windward performance. The mast and spars are all constructed from spar-grade Douglas Fir and cream coloured sails will be supplied. If the wind fails oars are supplied and, as is obligatory on all French boats, a sculling oar is provided too. If this is all too energetic an outboard will fit on the transom to get you home

The boat can supplied with a trailer and storage covers. I am also looking into options for fitting and supplying a camping kit.

Find Francois Vivier’s description of Ilur here >>

If you are interested becoming the owner of this boat, or are interested in a different design either from Francois Vivier or from another naval architect, please contact me to discuss.

Ilur specification

Length:          4.44 m (14’6”) + bowsprit.     Beam:        1.7m (5’7”).   

Draft:             0.25 to 0.86m (10” to 2’10”)  Sail area:    14m2

Weight:          345kg approx.                        Capacity: 3-4 adults.

CE Category:  C/D